David Brundige’s short Haircut is a well-written fight verbal sequence, but in a way it is depicted with the same attention to rhythm and space that any good action flick would. In the film a modern couple devolves into increasingly vicious recrimination when, to her partner’s surprise, Lindsey returns home with a new short haircut. Aside from the wordplay, it is a film that is malleable in interpretation. While the stylized delivery of the dialogue from its actors, Sophie Traub and Sharif Corinaldi, hurts the raw verisimilitude of the film, the emotions and beats strike as genuine. Lindsey and Josh are a cool contemporary couple of good taste, and versed in the language of conflict resolution. They are seemingly above the kind of ugly, intensely personal form of fighting, but the contradiction better illuminates the the crux of the story, the way that resentment breeds under the surface of politeness.

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