Le Fantôme by Monogrenade

Monogrenade is a francophone band based in MontrealAfter releasing their first EP in 2009, entitled La saveur des fruits on Paper Bag Records, they came in second place at the 2010 edition of Les Francouvertes. The band gained quite some attention when the video for their song Ce soir was featured on Mashable’s list of Top 10 Stop-Motion Videos on Youtube. In 2011, they released their first full length album Tantale on Bonsound Records. Their second album, Composite, followed in 2014. This music video/film directed by Kristof Brandl and shot by Christophe Collette, questions our perception of reality and memory, with vfx by Shed. Ghostly and compelling images draw the viewer into a conflict that repeats itself. After losing everything, material possessions, love, and perhaps even sanity, a robot injects the male character with a futuristic drug that lets him re-live precious moments that once made him feel alive. Traveling back to memories frozen in time, our character wishes to make the past his future.


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