Nix + Gerber

Obsession is the operative word when it comes to Nix + Gerber, an artist profile documentary short from filmmakers Robert Hall and Nol Honig (the duo forms the production company, The Drawing Room). They’ve definitely accomplished their goals with this film, a compelling, brief, and well-crafted look into two very fascinating artists. Lori Nix and Kathleen Gerber make for great documentary subjects. Beyond being incredible artists, their rapport and wit is on display throughout this short. Nix’s dry sense of humor carries things forward at a brisk pace. Humor is often a large component of what makes a profile doc like this work, and, well, Nix’s sarcastic commentary is made for the camera; she’s droll, yet surprisingly insightful. For Nix in particular, destruction is construction. As she remarks in the film: “I love throwing my scenes away, because it means I’m ready to start the next scene.”


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