Sun was high (so was I) by Small black

Small Black is an American indie band from Brooklyn, New York. After releasing the critically acclaimed Small Black EP, the band signed to Jagjaguwar to release their debut full length, New Chain (2010). Their second full length, Limits of Desire was released in May 2013, with the single “No Stranger” a mainstay on satellite radio. Their sound is commonly described as belonging to the chillwave genre though the band’s members don’t label themselves as such. The band began with an emphasis on lo-fi sounds and distorted textures in their initial release, but has since adopted a more varied approach, expanding to include a mix of hi and lo-fi sounds, synthetic and acoustic instruments. The underlying elements of synth-heavy production and melodic, lyrical vocal style have been a fixture of the band’s sound throughout their entire catalogue. All the band’s releases to date have been self-produced.The band has toured consistently since 2010, participating in numerous festivals such as Primavera Sound Festival, Fun Fun Fun Fest, Capitol Hill Block Party, and the SXSW Music Festival.

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